Taking care of your patients is what you do best. Taking care of your billing is what we do the best.


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Managing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can be a struggle for independent physicians and clinics. Providing high-quality patient care means dealing with employees, government programs, patient complaints, administrative tasks, and more. This can make it harder for physicians to manage claim denials and the revenue cycle.

This is where to Aqkode Healthcare Solutions steps in; we ensure that your clinic has an accurate billing process that can contribute to a more efficient financial model. Our RCM services can result in greater profits due to better practice management, claim submissions, and practice audits.

Services for Busy Practices and Providers

We have a wide range of medical billing and services that can contribute to efficient billing, coding and chart auditing for your practice.

RCM is not a DIY project.

Medical billing errors can account for at least $17 Billion per year.

Why Choose Aqkode Healthcare Solutions?

Increased transparency with financial reports

Better Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce significant operational costs

Process claims faster and more effectively

Eliminate financial and billing errors

Pre-billing review and coding analysis

Generate more revenue with better financial models

Managing inquiries: patients, insurers, and regulatory authorities

AAPC Certified professional billers, coders and M.R.A., E/M chart auditors

We are one of the best medical billing, coding, and chart auditing outsourcing services provider.

Industry Leading Encryption & Security to Protect Your Data

What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying…
Internal Medicine Practice, Florida
Internal Medicine Practice, Florida

Trusted and respected advisor due to the outstanding contribution made to our office. Our M.R.A. scores were below average to say the least and we were losing a lot of money. The expert coding team captured chronic conditions. The chart audit team did thorough MRA prospective and retrospective chart audit, an immense work in an extremely impossible deadline improving our HEDIS and MRA scores. Aqkode team has a strong work ethic, good moral character, and passion for work. The team is highly talented, brilliant, service oriented, generous with positive attitude.

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Most practices can't match payer technology, sophistication and man-power. We can help.

Taking care of your patients is what you do best. Taking care of your billing is what we do the best.


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