Who we are, and where we came from.

Owner Kaushik Joshi started automating ledger-based practices to an electronic health record system in Hagerstown, MD in 1986. Not long after, they had the highest number of installations in the country for IBM’s health record system software “Doctor’s Office Manager II”.

After moving to Florida in 1995, they started helping physicians collect more money faster by sending properly coded claims resulting in reducing denials and rejections. The mission to increase revenue and reduce stress for physicians continues to this day across the country. Today Aqkode serves physicians in 48 states for all major specialities.

So, why should you choose Aqkode Healthcare Solutions as your practice’s medical billing and coding company? We offer no onboarding or monthly fees, and only get paid a tiny percentage of what we collect for you! We will relentlessly pursue every dollar you deserve. If a claim is denied due to our error, we will pay the claim at your payer contracted rate. It couldn’t get any easier!

What's our process to helping fix your medical billing issues?

Billing errors cost the healthcare industry over $17 billion annually. Physicians can find it hard to properly manage billing and revenue cycles, especially when they often face denied claims. Practices often don’t have the resources to properly manage their billing. This is where Aqkode Healthcare Solutions comes in. We have trained teams that can help you with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), medical billing, coding, denial claims processes, financial management reports, and more. By properly implementing revenue cycle management, you will see a steady rise in your profits since it results in revenue generation and a reduction in billing errors.

We track down all unbilled accounts as well as rejections and appeals to make sure that your accounts are in order. Aqkode Healthcare Solutions takes charge of your collection needs as well so that you have a better chance at recovering what would have otherwise been lost revenue. Our coding teams are trained at analyzing your charts and reports to eliminate any chronic coding issues.

Why Choose Aqkode Healthcare Solutions?

Increased transparency with financial reports

Better Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce operational costs

Process claims faster and more effectively

Eliminate financial and billing errors

Pre-billing review and coding analysis

Generate more revenue with better financial models

Managing inquiries: patients, insurers, and regulatory authorities

AAPC Certified professional billers, coders and M.R.A., E/M chart auditors

Most practices can't match payer technology, sophistication and man-power. We can help.

Taking care of your patients is what you do best. Taking care of your billing is what we do the best.


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