I would like to give my strongest possible recommendation to you for Aqkode for their Billing Services. Aqkode team has providing the excellent service to our patients and our providers. The primary reason for us to change the service was inefficiency of the previous billing company in credentialing our providers and issues with denials. Once we moved to Aqkode, we have increased our revenue multi fold due to excellent teamwork, constant collaboration, and outstanding knowledge of the team at Aqkode.

When COVID-19 pandemic hit and we started doing COVID-19 testing, Aqkode team worked closely with us and set up the process for us to be able to see more than 300 patients a day for COVID-19 testing. They helped us with creating templates for efficiency, provided the dedicated biller to fix the day-to-day issues, claims follow up and insurance verification making the provider’s work easier and faster.

In summary, Aqkode team has incredible communication skills, are creative problem solver, are self-motivated workers, work well in a team setting, and responds well to directions. If you have any additional questions, please reach out and contact me. I would love to answer them.

COVID Testing ClinicAdministrator

Exceptional company, extremely responsible, punctual, competent with high integrity. They helped us come out of an exceedingly difficult situation with the other EMR/billing company by assisting us with our entire data migration. This was done manually since the other company refused to provide us our data from their EMR. The project manager always communicates his/her concerns to the clinic management and providers for any correction needed. We are so glad we switched. We highly recommend for your clinic’s every billing need.

Rural Health Clinic, CAAdministrator

Trusted and respected advisor due to the outstanding contribution made to our office. Our M.R.A. scores were below average to say the least and we were losing a lot of money. The expert coding team captured chronic conditions. The chart audit team did thorough MRA prospective and retrospective chart audit, an immense work in an extremely impossible deadline improving our HEDIS and MRA scores. Aqkode team has a strong work ethic, good moral character, and passion for work. The team is highly talented, brilliant, service oriented, generous with positive attitude.

Family Practice, FLAdministrator