Revenue Services


Charge Entry

Charges are based on the encounter form, created under a claim, and examined for the mapping between CPTs and ICDs so they can be prepared to submit to insurance companies.


Claim Submission and Tracking

Claims that are ready for billing are submitted through a clearing house electronically to the appropriate insurers. The clearing house will then send a report of all of the accepted and rejected claims so that our team can make corrections and resubmit claims if necessary. Claims will be sent through paper if they cannot be submitted electronically.

Payment Posting

The EOB or Explanation of Benefits is received upon the submission of claims to insurance companies. Payments are posted in the EMR based on the EOB.


Denial Management

If there are any denials, our team will determine their cause and prevent the same type of denials from recurring.


In today’s healthcare world, the Hierarchical Condition Categories or HCC and the Medicare Risk Adjustment or MRA score will play a vital role in payments and incentives. Therefore, healthcare providers who are treating healthy patients will enjoy greater payments than healthcare entities that treat sick patients who require more care. We are trained to ensure that the correct analysis is performed so that doctors can be provided with the best recommendations.

Guidance for Incentive Programs

Recently, there have been various incentive programs that could benefit healthcare providers. We have a solid knowledge of incentive programs such as Meaningful Use, PQRS, MACRA and MIPS can guide healthcare organizations on how to take advantage of them.


Account Receivable Follow-up

Claims have filing limits and correcting mistakes can be a complex and time-consuming process. Rest assured we know how to handle these issues efficiently.

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AQKODE Billing made its debut after a team of medical and technical professionals saw the need for support services in the healthcare industry.

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